To complete a purchase, please follow the instructions on the web page from which you downloaded this document. Specifically, you must take the following actions:

1. Create an Account with INX (our funding portal and trading platform partner).

Create an account on the website and choose the desired two-factor authentication and wallet encryption settings.

2. KYC/AML and Investor Accreditation Verification.

Proceed to the onboarding page to begin the process of verifying your identity, also known as the KYC (“Know Your Customer”) and AML (“Anti-Money Laundering”) process. All information submitted will be securely transmitted to INX. You will receive notification once the process is complete, which includes set up of a self-custodied digital wallet.

Please note that among other things the KYC/AML process will require you to provide government- issued identification for the Purchaser as follows:

  • Individual purchasers must provide a copy of a government-issued identification such as a driver’s license or passport
  • A purchaser that is an entity must provide (i) a copy of the entity’s certificate of formation, trust or other organizational document, and (ii) a copy of a form of government- issued identification such as a driver’s license or passport of the person authorized to sign the

Subscription Agreement.

Next, (unless you’re a non-U.S. person purchasing in our offering outside the U.S.) please proceed to the accreditation tab to verify your accreditation status. Once this process is complete, we will receive a notification.

3. Review all information.

Once your account is verified, carefully and fully read the Private Placement Memorandum, dated June 14, 2023, including all of attached exhibits (collectively, the “PPM”), including the form of Subscription Agreement and Master Token Agreement.

4. Go to the “Invest Now” page

The “Invest Now” page will guide you to:

  • Select the number of tokens you are purchasing
  • Electronically sign and submit the Subscription Agreement
  • Pay the purchase price to the account of the Company in ETH, USDC or US dollars.

Once items 1-4 are completed and your subscription is accepted, the purchased tokens will be delivered to your wallet and you will receive an electronic copy of the fully executed Subscription Agreement. Your subscription will not be considered for acceptance unless and until each of the actions listed above are completed.